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Interesting way to portray how many of us are feeling.

Played this like a week ago but here's my playthrough. 

Really great game, very interesting concept as well as thought provoking. Good work!
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I am always a fan of indie games that attack issues like anxiety and depression and their root, and this game does just that. The game feels atmospheric, and it has pleasant pacing. It didn't feel too long or too short. I do however wish there was more interaction in the game. There were many times I tried to interact with just simple things in the environment like the piano when I was messing with the guitar, or the computer, but nothing happened. Maybe this was intended though; maybe the protagonist's depression was so bad that he didn't even want to think of touching these items.

games alot deeper than i thought. Nice job


noo i wanted to be friends with the spider :(

This was a good game, great job man!

This game is beautiful

An interesting game with deep meaning, it left me with a sense of melancholy. Good job!!!

This was a delight to play. It was so irritating watching the character make these decisions but I understand the position he is in...

This is an excellent game !! Thank you so much for sharing this experience, I really love it ! <3

Good concept for a psychological horror; no silly jump-scares, just the dawning understanding that the character you play as is having some very real, saddening problems. Enjoyed it!

The concept behind this game, made me cry real tears! fantastic job game dev xx

Don't know if I could ever deal with a spider that big in my room IRL. But I loved the message this game had, great job Dev!


Thank you so much for playing! Your improvisation on the piano song made me laugh :)


Lol I'm glad you enjoyed it. =D

for someone who works on the daily basis with mental health, I found the game incredibly self explanatory. Great job there. Keep them coming! 

That means a lot! Thank you so much

The spider scare me a lot when he do that sound, and house he is like, good game, i had fun playng it, short but with good message, thank you Dev for making it,

if you want you can see me playing it here

Thank you for playing it and sharing it on YT :)

Had a good time experiencing the story and following the character til the end

I'm glad you had a good time! Thank you for playing :)

I had a great time with this game!!! I love the metaphor of over coming depression! Depression is always a difficult thing to deal with alone, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help!!! I miss our lil ol spider friend! Hope he is happy somewhere else!!! Keep up the good work!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here!

Our lil spider friend is alright :) Thank you for playing!

This made me cry because I don't have good mental health. This music in this game calmed me so much


If you want I can let you know when I upload the music so you can have it with you :)



Thank you for playing :)

Was a fun experience, very relatable. I wish I can see a spider that can lead me out of slumps! Hope you dont mind that I made a vid, looking forward to the next project!

We all need that spider friend :) Thank you for playing and thanks so much for making a video about it! Really appreciate it (I didn't win haha but comments like yours make it worth it)

i like spiders

Thank you for playing :)

are you still depressed please stay safe

Hi, thank you for asking. Luckily i'm in a much better place :) I hope you're doing well yourself

I am, and im glad to hear that you are okay, I wanted to ask, Do you want to work on a game togethe

A short game, but a huge message. Love it

So happy you do! Thank you for playing it

This was such a beautiful game with such a beautiful metaphor of dealing with depression! I really enjoyed this, despite hating spiders with a passion! 


Thank you for playing it despite having arachnophobia! Means a lot and I'm so happy you enjoyed it


Of course! Thank you for making a game with such a powerful message! 


Thank you for playing!

Great look into some lives!!

Thank you for playing. I'm sorry about your friend. I hope you're doing well. 

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This was pretty good. More sad/comedic especially with the spider. Idk about you but if a spider in my room became the size of my PC case, I would call the military. Overall, what a decent game. Made a video on it.


hahaha thanks for the laugh. Thank you for playing and making a video on it!

Lovely game and great story. 

Thank you for playing!

Beautiful little game, thank you so much for sharing it. Beautiful storytelling and symbolism - and even though I am scared of spiders, I understood this one a bit more :) Thanks again, keep creating!

Thank you for playing and for your kind words, I really appreciate it. Especially what you say at the end. Thanks again :)

hey great game I could really relate to a lot of things brought up in this game it was a great "horror" experience. Keep up the great work can't wait to see more games from you

Thanks so much for playing and making a video about it. Glad you liked it :)

Thank you for making this game, hopefully you feel better now! I really recommend it, unless such topics are dangerous for you.

and thank you for playing it! Luckily I'm in a much better place. Thanks again, wish you the best


Honestly wasn't expecting to get hit in the feels as hard as I did. Wonderful game about a topic that should be discussed much more! Great job, I loved it. Keep up the good work!


Thank you so much for playing and your lovely words!

It was a well made game and I enjoyed it a lot! The voice acting was pretty good and the story and emotions conveyed were really strong and well done.

I did think that the storytelling and gameplay could be a bit more polished, I also thought that it was really well made for the things conveyed and the metaphor of the spider being there. It was a beautiful game and very very well done. Congrats on making a great game and good luck for future projects!

Thank you so much for playing and taking the time to comment, really appreciate it!

Nice short game! i like the story, looking forward for your next project. enjoy my gameplay... :)

Thank you so much for playing! You made me laugh when you sang at the end :)

A very moving short game. Excellent work!


I'm really happy you liked it! Thank you for playing and making a video about it :)


You're welcome :)

Short and simple; I enjoyed this and could relate to the main character. The game could have very well just taken place entirely in the room, but it was a nice touch that it started out in a vast open space of greenery.

Thank you for playing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment :)

Fantastic take on isolation and depression, loved the quite simple graphics!

Thank you so much. What you said at the end got me. Thank you for playing it :)

mmm spidr

speeeeeeeeder, thanks for playing :)

Sadly, I couldn't because chromebook

Really bittersweet game, i really liked how everyone around the main character still cares for him. Great job! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you found it sweet :)

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