A downloadable game for Windows

A small "horror" narrative game about isolation and depression

Duration: about 15 minutes.

New Update: fixed some bugs, worked on sound design, added subtitles, a main menu, fed the spider. 

2024 Update: The game is now on Steam! It has improved UI, and subtitles and fixed some other bugs. Thank you for being here :)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
Tags3D, First-Person, Horror, Mental Health, Narrative, suspense, Thriller, Unity


MFTS.zip 351 MB

Development log


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really great message and equally great game, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play your game!

i'm starting this game.... istg if it makes me cry im going to be pissed

i'm pissed

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(thank you so much, this gave me the push to actually talk to someone, I think I might finally get out of this rut... thank you so much...)

Thank you so much for playing and sharing your experience! I'm sorry it made you cry haha but it makes me happy to see it helped. You will definitely get out of the rut, trust :)

I think I'm starting to believe that myself. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

sending you internet hugs :)

Thank you.


No, thank YOU


Sorry :(


I played this for fun, but then realized how perfect it depicts depression + isolation. I've struggled with depression since I was ~8 years old, and throughout all these years I've never really been able to put it into words, but this matches it perfectly. The disappointment and anger that come with it, its always so confusing. The message is really strong, I enjoyed this game a lot !! :3

Thank you so much. It makes me so happy to see other people connecting to it, it's hard for me as well but knowing that other people share the feeling helps a lot. Thank you :)


This game is super deep, really loved how you scare the crap outta everyone with a giant spider but really theres a whole other meaning to the game

Thanks for playing! Really appreciate your message at the end :)

short game but very emotional, its my first time crying during playing a game lol  

Thank you for playing luna, I'm glad you felt moved by it :) (and sorry for the tears!)

I enjoyed this one a lot! It made me feel things

Thank you! I'm happy it made you feel things. The game is now on steam if you feel like leaving a review there! Thanks again for playing! 

How about age rating? Im 13, is it ok to play?

If you don't mind spiders and a bit of cursing, you should be fine :) 

it was short but really good, i really enjoyed playing this game and really hit it me where it hurt because of how relatable and realistic it was. you did a great job portraying all of this and the sweet ending wrapped it up so nicely. Keep making games ! :) 

Thank you frankie! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it and connected with the message, means a lot to me. I just released the game on steam last week, so if you feel like leaving a review there I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you again!

I got to play several games in my last stream, including your game:

It was such a pretty great game, thank you so much for all your work!

Can't wait for your next experiments! Take care.

Thank you very much for playing Eyz! Appreciate the stream as well. I just released the game on Steam, so if you'd like to leave a review over there, I would greatly appreciate. Thanks again!


its not about a gameplay , its about a message

Exactly! Thank you so much for playing! I just released the game on Steam, so if you'd like to leave a review over there, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!


I think you shared the wrong video haha but thanks anyway!

oh yeah mb lol,  i made the vid on this game privite cause my editing was terible


Having struggled with depression my whole life... I've never had a game make me cry (in a good way) like this one did. WELL DONE. Thank you!!

Thank you for the words. It's like a hug to the soul, thank you very much for saying that. I just released the game on Steam, so if you'd like to leave a review over there, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!


Thought you should know this person stole your game - My friend 1 spider by LocalBreaker (itch.io)

I already reported them, you should too


wow, that's incredible. It seems to have been taken down. Thank you very much for reporting it and letting me know!


No problem!

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Good game

Thank you for playing and sharing :) Nice message at the end


haha thanks for playing!

I played your game at 45:35, I thought it was really interesting I had fun playing it, I understand why the "Horror" is in quotes though, not too scary and I have arachnophobia. Overall a pretty cool game with a good message about making sure to take care of yourself.

Thank you for playing! I like your format, playing with friends. Hope you're doing good. Cheers!

I love this game and I would like to volunteer to translate that game into Turkish so that my Turkish friends can play that game. How can I contact you? I will be waiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Hi! Do you mean translating the subtitles or the whole voice over? If it's the subtitles I can probably make a version just for you and your friends :) Thank you for playing, I'm glad you want to share it.

I want to translating subtitles.

Send me an email with the subtitles and I'll make a special version for you. myfriendthespider3@gmail.com

Interesting story, but I feel its accurate and one can relate quite fully to what is portrayed in the game.

I'm glad you felt so! Thank you for playing :)

Cool story.


I was surprised by the story, but the tone of the character was good for their feelings and what they were going through. Hated the spider though! lol. (Second Video: Start About: 8:20)

haha I'm sorry you hated the spider, but thank you very much for playing :)

This happened to me once.... Good Game!

Thank you for playing, I appreciate it :)


Assistem e compartilhemm!!

obrigado, cara :) Thanks for playing

What a cute spider 

Thank you for playing :)

I dig the overall message of the game. I wasnt exactly scared but overall a good experience.

I'm glad you dig it! Thank you for playing it


Apologies for the late response. I happen to login in search for more horror and saw ya response. Anyways great game and anytime man!

I'm afraid of spiders, save me...

I'm happy you managed to play it until the end tho! Thanks :)

Love the game

Thank you!

Brave man making this important game❤️

Brave person for playing it :) Thank you <3

I loved the story of this game although I might of had a bit of fun with it, to lighten the mood.

thank you for playing Sora, I'm glad you kept it light hearted :) I hope you're doing good and stay safe

LOVED this little game, well done to the dev, keep up the good work and i will be checking out your other games as well ;-) 

Thank you! I appreciate that, thank you for playing it and sharing :)

Very well-done interpretation of depression and isolation! Very well-done.

Thank you, I'm glad you think so!

Quite a relatable little experience. I feel for the protagonist and how hard it can be to so much as exist, let alone reach out to people and try to be productive. Thankfully the sun will always shine again.


Thankfully the sun does shine again. Thank you for playing Sake!

Had so much fun with this title, plenty of opportunities for editing wonders. 10/10

haha I'm glad I could serve the editing magic! Thank you for playing

Really enjoyed it. Love the story and topic choice 

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

cool, seems fun.

hope so!

This was truly a lovely experience. I couldn't relate to the subject matter, but that only sparked intrigue, and I loved this. the voice acting and music add a peaceful/somber tone that makes the game feel more like a short story (which it is) that you're able to breathe in. This was a lovely experience.


thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite not connecting to the subject matter. Thanks for playing :)

good game i love it keep up the good work man

thank you! <3

I really enjoyed playing this game. I liked the music as well. I will say the color of the wall and the captions are the same color in some areas, making it hard to read unless I turn to a dark area. I also picked up the spider in the "dream realm?" and there was a change in music that overlayed the other audio. Was I supposed to be able to pick it up if so what was I supposed to do with it?

Thanks for playing! (and for pointing out a bug haha) I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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